In a baffling incident, an Indian woman approached a court to seek a divorce from her husband, accusing him of suffocating her by being ‘too perfect.’

A Sharia court in Uttar Pradesh heard the case of a Muslim woman who expressed her distress alleging that her husband ‘never argued with her’ and that his ‘perfect love’ was driving her crazy.

The couple has been married for 18 months.

In the court, the wife said that her husband never ‘shouted at her’, and added that he would always forgive her for all her mistakes.

She stated that she wanted a husband who would ‘argue with her’ and not just someone who would agree with her over everything she does or says. The wife also revealed that he was ready to lend a helping hand in all the household chores including cooking and his perfect love was ‘suffocating her”.

Rejecting her divorce plea as ‘frivolous’, the Sharia court cleric refused to grant the woman a divorce, asking the couple to resolve the matter mutually.

The woman then went to the local panchayat in Sambhal expressing her ‘problem’. However, the local panchayat expressed their inability to have a say in the matter.

The woman’s husband meanwhile has stated that he loved his wife dearly and always wanted to keep her happy. He also asked the Sharia Court cleric to reject the divorce plea.

The couple is mutually solving the matter as of now.

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