A panel of 3 high court judges is slated to deliver its judgment in a case in which some concerned citizens dragged government to court over its decision to impose a 21 day lockdown as a Covid-19 preventive measure earlier this year.

In April this year, HRDC, Church and Society and 4 other concerned citizens obtained an injunction restraining government from enforcing the 21 day lockdown during the Peter Mutharika leadership.

The applicants arguing that government had failed to clearly give out directions as to how Malawians would survive during the lockdown period.

They also argued that then Health Minister of Health, Jappie Mhango erred by imposing guidelines on the judiciary and parliament which are independent arms.

Later, the matter was referred to the constitutional court where it was heard by a panel of 3 judges namely Fiona Mwale, Dorothy DeGabriealle and Ken Manda.

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