We are all unique creatures in this world, in as much as we possess the same features we still have some certain qualities which made us different from other people.

Fortunately these signs have meaning which means you shouldn’t be troubled or worried when you see them on your body.

Furthermore, we have people with different signs on their body. However publicityFriday is here to unveil a particular sign that could be found above the ear.

If you’ve been wondering what this sign means, then you are at the right place.

Having a tiny hole above your ear is called Perauricular sinus and could be found in few percentage of people in the world.

Those who have a tiny hole above your ear, it meaning hasn’t been carefully stated by scientist or clerics.

However, it’s simply means something fortunate according to intelligent people who have gave few emphasis on it.

If you are lucky to have one, then you are among the few who has it in the world. Kindly share and hit the like button.


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