Eight people who assaulted ESCOM employees, who were working on faulty electrical line for suspecting them to be blood suckers at Kasitu in Nkhotakota in May this year have been slapped with 3 years jail term after being convicted by the Nkhunga First Grade Magistrate Kingsley Buleya.

Nkhunga Police Spokesperson Ignatius Essau has confirmed.

The eight, among them a lady Zione pleaded not guilty to three counts of proposing violence, assault and causing grevious harm, prompting the State to parade six deponents who proved the case beyond reasonable doubts.

In mitigation, the eight prayed for a leniency to court saying they are orphans and bread winners.

But Magistrate Kingsley Buleya quashed off the mitigation factors saying such cases are rampant in the country. So he slapped them with three years sentence to deter who might be the offenders.

However, Magistrate Buleya has given a suspended sentence to a female convict Zione.

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