This is unbelievable, as a 19-year-old, who out of curiosity tested his supposed love potion on her biological mom.

The potion actually worked and he has ended up impregnating his own mother.

Shocking right..?This incident was reported to had happened in Nigeria .

According to reports from the Police Public Relations Officer in Port Harcourt, River State in Nigeria , the 19-year-old identified as Ekanem, threatened to kill his mother after he realized what he has done, to cover his shame.

Ekanem got arrested following the threats to her mum. After he was arrested by the police, he made a shocking revelation about the “genesis” which shows how childish he is.

He went to a native doctor for love power (for girls) and the native doctor told him to try it on his mother first to see if it really works or he is just tricking him.

Foolishly the boy also did and ended up impregnating his mother.

He ended up regretting everything after he was arrested by the police.

Realizing what he has done, he then apologize to his mother as he was being sent to the police custody.

“I am deeply sorry for all that has happened, I did not mean to do this. I saw myself falling in love with her after the love charm prepared for me“ – he said.

“I suddenly found that I was making love to mum when I thought the charm will not work, and upon the revelation, I threatened to kill her and the matter was reported to the police“- he added.

This is insane, in fact the native doctor has to be arrested too, advise a teenager as he is to try a love potion on his biological mother?…..this is an abomination.

Why did he just use it straight forward on his targets but had to use her mother for trials before. Could it be that, he challenged or doubted the native doctor?

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