DEDZA – Astray hyena has attacked a 33-year-old man in Dedza, leaving him seriously injured.

The beast has since been killed by villagers.

The victim, Henry Bazilio, met his fate Thursday at Kanyama village.

“He is said to have gone to his irish potato farm for harvesting then the hyena emerged, prompting Henry to alert some women washing clothes in a nearby stream.” Sergeant Beatrice Jefita Assistant Public relations officer narrated

“The women rushed to Henry and, in a sudden twist, the monster started running after Henry, leaving the women. While running, he fell down and the hyena pounced on him. A certain villager came to Henry’s rescue but the vicious beast turned on the rescuer.” She Added

A band of villagers gathered and hunted the beast down until it fell into a pit. It was quickly speared to death before its victim (Henry) was rushed to Dedza District Hospital for treatment.

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