A Russian bride has been beaten to death by her husband in a ‘jealous rage’ at their wedding party after she believed she could ‘tame’ the convicted murderer groom.

Stepan Dolgikh, 33, has been detained on suspicion of beating wife Oksana Poludentseva, 36, to death on their wedding day in the Siberian village of Prokudskoye.

The bride got to know Dolgikh while he was in prison and believed that she help to reform him, police said.

Witnesses said the beating began when the groom became ‘jealous’ of another guest at their alcohol-fuelled wedding party in a private house.

He accused his new wife of ‘behaving incorrectly’, it was alleged.

Chief investigator Kirill Petrushin told NGS news agency: ‘He began to punch and kick her outside the house.’

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