Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) founder Chakufwa Simbiyamoto Chihana’s grave has been vandalized and some materials have been stolen.

Vandals have damaged flowers and removed electrical appliances at the grave in Mzuzu.

Chakufwa’s son Enock Chihana who is the current Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president confirmed the matter and said he will visit the burial site.

“It was around noon when I received a call of the destruction of the grace yard. It is so sad that the place is not cared for, I will visit the place immediately and see what we can do,” said Chihana on Thursday.

In a separate interview, a Mzuzu based man residing at Masasa location Chizah Msokwa blamed Government for not showing interest to take of the burial site.

“The democracy we are enjoying today, Chihana fought for it and he risked his life, but look at the place, nothing is happening. Let me point out the blame to Government that they are not caring for our heroes and Chihana was among other heroes who fought for the fruits we are reaping today,” said Msokwa.

Meanwhile, police in Mzuzu are yet to arrest suspects saying they are still investigating the matter.

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