Health rights experts have expressed worry over what they term as relaxation in practices of Covid19 measures by Malawians.
The worry comes as Malawi has been registering more recoveries in the recent week with active cases now at 415.
They have also been 183 deaths ever since the first case was recorded in April.
But active figures have been lowering lately and from April 5,897 people have tested positive.
Currently, there are Covid-19 restrictions in the country and initially public gatherings including schools were closed.
However, Health rights activists have warned against a perception among people that the pandemic has now ended.
This perception, according to experts has led to lack of interest in people to follow e Covid19 preventive measures, most of which are wearing face masks and practicing social distance.
The warning came during a virtual conference- organized by College of Medicine which brought together research scientists, public health practitioners and policy-makers to reflect on the effects of covid19.
One of the participants at the conference George Jobe, Executive Director of Malawi Health Equity Network argued that the fact that deaths are still being recorded across the globe, it means the disease is not yet over.
According to Jobe, stakeholders still need to continue with sensitizations and be innovative as the wrong perceptions in people are putting them at risk.
Jobe has also called for the need for stakeholders to continuously have such platforms so that all arising matters to do with Covid19 are addressed.
On her part, Minister of Health, Khumbize Kandodo challenged every citizen to be part of the fight against Covid19 as its effects have trickled down to all forms of life.
Kandodo further commended the College of Medicine for holding the conference, saying such initiatives provide an opportunity for Malawi to know its situation in the pandemic.
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