A 37-year-old man has earned a sentence of 9 years imprisonment with hard labour for injuring his daughter after she refused to wash dishes.

Chileka Police Station Prosecutor, Inspector Grace Kanjiwa, told The Chisenjere First Grade Magistrate’s Court in Blantyre that that on 18 October, 2020,Feston Maduka committed the offense after learning that the daughter refused to wash dishes.

He said the convict tied the girl’s legs and hands, locked her in the house for some hours before pouring hot water on her both legs and hands.

Chileka police spokesperson, Peter Mchizi, told Zodiak Online that after noticing that girl was injured, the father and her mother took her to a private hospital.

“Neighbors reported the matter to police and the suspect was arrested while the victim was referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for treatment,” he said.

In the court, Maduka pleaded for lenience, saying he has a family to look after and that he committed the offence not only because his daughter had refused to carry out some household chores but that she also had stolen money from the house amounting to K6 thousand.

State pleaded with the court for stiffer punishment on grounds that young children are prone to victimization due to irresponsible parenthood like the one shown by the convict.

Magistrate George Chimombo said as a parent, the convict would have given a good advice to her daughter in a lovely manner for her to understand the concept of good behavior.

The court further said the behavior of Maduka is dangerous to the young children in societies and consequently slapped him with a custodial sentence of nine years.

Feston Maduka the convict, comes from Chatha village, Traditional Authority Kapeni in Blantyre District.

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