Scott Marmon from New York and Augustina Montefiori from Argentina always dreamed of the day they would say “I do. While many couples are postponing their big day due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, Scott and Augustina could not wait any longer as they decided that the wedding must go on in the midst of the global pandemic.

In a first-of-its-kind case, Scott and Augustina sought refuge in technology to tie the knot as they live thousands of miles apart.

The first of its kind 19-hour wedding ceremony took place on Wednesday last week with a virtual guest. The couple was granted a marriage license to wed online by the state of Utah, before tying the knot 6,000miles apart in front of a judge in Utah and their family and friends.

According to the Daily Mail, Scott and Augustina have now become the first couple in the world to get married over Zoom while living in countries separated by 6,000 miles.

The couple has been together ever since they first met in Denver in May 2017, but were separated for 10 months after Augustina returned to Buenos Aires.

Scott had proposed to his partner earlier in January and was planning on joining Augustina in Argentina in March before the pandemic derailed his plans to get married to his beautiful fiancee.

Scott had earlier attempted to go to Argentina to be with his fiancee in March but flights were grounded due to the pandemic. A while later, when he tried to rejoin his partner, he was also denied permission as the couple wasn’t married nor were they related.

Unable to get reunited, due to Covid-19  lockdown restrictions, the couple decided to use technology to their advantage and tie the knot over a Zoom call instead of waiting for Covid-19 to end.

The couple managed to beat the system, adhere to Covid-19 health regulations, and conducted a beautiful memorable 19 hours wedding ceremony online.

Now that they are legally married, Scott can now apply for a family reunification visa so that he can be reunited with his wife.

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