In South Africa, a 20-year-old suspect is expected to appear in court following the death of an Ulundi mother and her young son over the weekend.

Siphesihle Magwaza, 25, also known as Msani and her five year old son was found dead in their Ulundi home by tenants.

According to police Magwaza was found lying on the floor in her bedroom covered with a blanket and both feet were tied with a cloth.

“The victim sustained multiple stab wounds all over the body,” said Colonel Thembeka Mbele.

She said the boy sustained multiple stab wounds all over the body and his throat was slit.

Police said the suspect had been living with the victims in the same house.

“It is alleged that on Sunday afternoon, the tenants arrived at the house and were greeted by an unbearable smell that was from one of the rooms.

“They found the suspect alone in the house. The suspect demanded that the tenants should pay rent to him since the deceased was not in the house however, the tenants refused to give him the money .”

Mbele said they started searching the home and made the discovery.

“The suspect was immediately arrested at the scene and taken to Ulundi police station for further processing.”

Mbele said the motive of the killing is unknown and will form part of an investigation.

“We will ensure that a quality investigation is conducted and a well-prepared docket is sent to court for the suspect to receive the sentence he deserves,” he said.

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