There are some healthy habits we tend to ignore because we think they are embarrassing, well, farting is part of it. Yes! Let that fart out! However, you might consider using a restroom and saving other innocent people from having to smell it.

When we take things in, we tend to swallow air. Also, during the process of digestion, our body releases some gases as a by-product. Burping and farting help release all this air and gas from our body.

According to a study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, farting means an instant reduction of a swollen belly (caused by bloating), helping you feel much more comfortable.

Below are some reasons to let the fart out according to healthshots:

Reduces abdomen pain
When gas gets accumulated in your gut it puts pressure on the abdomen. Due to this you can have a swollen stomach and might even be in extreme pain. Passing gas can give you instant relief from such a situation. Do you know if you hold a fart in or are unable to fart, then the gas accumulated in your gut can also give you a severe headache?

Reduces bloating
Bloating is basically a mix of water and gas. It usually happens when you eat a large meal and don’t give it time to digest. Bloating won’t just give a swollen belly, but can also be very painful.

An indicator of food allergies
If you are allergic to a particular food, then you might experience more gas upon their consumption. So, if eating certain kinds of foods makes you gassy, then it could be your body’s way of saying that you must stay away from them.

Helps you detect problems with your colon health
If your fart has a very funky smell, you experience pain while farting, or if you are farting way too often—then it could be an indication that your gut isn’t functioning properly. This improper functioning can also lead to gastric issues and even constipation—which can be problematic in the longer run.

Helps in preventing illnesses
When we fart, we release some amount of hydrogen sulphide. According to studies, if you don’t fart then this gas keeps on accumulating inside your body and in severe cases can also lead to cell damage and heart problems, and even stroke.

So, do not be ashamed of releasing some gas, it is good for you.

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