Pollster Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has condemned incidents of violence in Karonga Central constituency ahead of the November 10 by-election.
“It has been observed that the campaign period has generally been peaceful in Lilongwe North West Constituency and Makhwira South Ward in Chikhwawa.
However, in the past few days the Commission has received complaints and reports of incidences of violence, intimidation and
verbal abuse in Karonga Central Constituency”, MEC Chairperson Justice Chifundo Kachale said in a statement.
Kachale said the Commission “strongly condemns incidences of violence,intimidation and verbal abuse that has characterized the campaign period in Karonga Central Constituency.”
He says the Commission was concerned because the violent incidents havepotential to scare away the electorate from attending political rallies and participating in polling on November 10.
“The Commission appeals to all political leaders to preach peace and tolerance during the campaign period. They should focus on issues other than character assassination which can easily breed violence and aggression”, reads the statement.
The Chairperson said the Commission was “especially appealing to the youth to refrain from being used to perpetrate violence”.
Kachale therefore calls upon all political parties and candidates to observe the code of conduct they signed for during nomination.
The Commission is also reminding all stakeholders that all violent activities committed during electoral period remain criminal and the relevant security agencies are advised to take appropriate measures as required by law.
Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo of UTM and Leonard Mwalwanda of MCP are some of the leading candidates.
Also contesting is Florence Nthakomwa, Independent while the DPP is being represented by Ernest. Mbakuwaku movement has Nellie
Sichali as it’s candidate.
Credit: MBC
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