By Robert Kumwenda

SGW Auctioneers and Estate Agents have embarked on a project whereby they are encouraging people and surrounding communities in Blantyre to save game and wildlife by growing trees.

Siraj Gulam Patel who is the Director for the company said if there is no environment there will be no business because trees are needed for business to prosper and lives to carry on.

“We are just doing, we would like to partner and associate ourselves with those that are fighting for environment management conservation,” he said.

The SGW Director said they have put sign posts in the commercial city of Blantyre and surrounding towns carrying a massage “Stop global warming start growing woods, save game and wildlife”.

He said they want to be part of the solution in as far as issues about environment management are concerned.

Patel said they are also assisting indigenous Malawians to have properties at affordable price by providing forty offices for rental at cheap rate.

Apart from the environmental management campaign, SGW Auctioneers and Estate Agents also do the following Estate Management, Valuation, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property and Auctioning,

The history of the company dates back from the mid 1960’s, after independence of Malawi when Gulam Adam Mussa and his wife Rafika Gulam Adam Mussa opened a shop under the name of G.A Mussa.

They carried it for three decades, that time they were selling food, clothing and other things. They also opened another shop by the name R.G Mussa, which was famous for furniture and mattresses.

In 1994, their last born son, Siraj, started SG wholesalers thus leading to the famous logo SGW. After nine years, in 2003, SGW auctioneers was born and started operating by selling second hand goods also maintaining the famous logo which later incorporated the hammer and the house.


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