Organized Family Facebook Post Irks Malawians


Malawians on social media are demanding an apology from the neighboring Zambia’s music group Organized Family for roasting female footballers playing for Malawi’s National Football Team, the Scorchers.

Writing on their Facebook page, the Organized Family said they needed an explanation form Malawi if indeed two sisters playing for scorchers (Malawi’s National Team for women) are indeed women and not men.

This post therefore attracted mixed feelings as Malawians did not welcome it, because it seemed to have had promoted cyber Bullying.

One user by the name Buhle Nkoka commented “This is so stupid of you. I together with my people from the village will delete your songs, if I hear any of my countrymen singing your songs in the streets I will be slapping them.”

Another one Chippie Laurent Chiwaula accused them of advocating cyberbullying further advising them to know when to joke and not.

“Next time you are in Malawi do not be surprised, stones will be petted at you,” said another disgruntled Malawians identified as Albert Nyirongo.

After realizing that what they thought was joke turned out into something big, the Organized Family took down the post and write another post apologizing however the apology has not been accepted by Malawians as they think it is not sincere.

“Ah Malawi and all family members, the earlier post about Malawi international artists was not intended to promote cyberbullying as it has been interpreted by most of you,” reads part of the said apology.

They further added that the post only meant to be a joke saying it is very unfortunate that it has been misinterpreted.

“Malawi is our home, playground and it harbors our friends, family and business partners. What is wrong about making fun of family in a way of joking?” asked Organized Family.

Chippie Laurent Chiwaula found the explanation given by the Organized as not sincere, further told them that they were not joking but knew exactly what they were doing.

The development irked most of Malawians including musicians who said the respect they had for the organized family is gone for they failed to show maturity.

However, Malawi’s comedian Tannah popularly known as Mr Broken English said he is glad that the Organized Family took down their post as other Malawians are demanding that the Zambian group should never be seen in Malawi performing.

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Flora Mitumba

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