University of South Africa has recognized and honored Malawian Musician Patience Namadingo with Doctorate Degree for his humanitarian efforts in Malawi, for the people of Malawi.

In a statement on Namadingo’s official Facebook page, Namadingo received the honorary degree this morning during the graduation ceremony that was held at UNISA’s main campus in the ZK Mathews great hall.

According to the statement, UNISA has highlighted “Patience Namadingo’s positive social impact and philanthropic work that has been inspired others across Africa, hopefully beyond”

The Mapulani hit maker, is said to be the youngest from four African countries that have been honored.

“Nine Doctors graduated today from four African countries, the youngest of them all being the Malawian Patience Namadingo,” reads part of the statement.

Namadingo further stressed that no “Mo procedures bypassed, no favors asked, no one disadvantaged. Simply the world taking notice of a Malawian, his efforts and the system allowing for such an individual to be awarded for uplifting others.”

Namadingo is not only well known of his melodious voice when singing to his well-cooked and appetizing songs, he has also been a household name over his generous acts aimed at improving welfare of fellow Malawians.

Some few months ago, Namadingo made headlines after he volunteered to stand as a statue with an aim of raising funds for a guitarist William Kachigamba who was scheduled to receive cancer treatment in Zambia.

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