By Lovemore Katanda

As the world commemorate international day of people with disabilities, VisualHearing ImpairmentMembership Association (VIHEMA) has called on government for more interventions towards people with visual impairment in a fight against covid-19.

In a statement released this week, VIHEMA projects and advocacy officer MarthaMomba says her organization has lined up substantial number of activities aiming to lobe key stake holders to reach out to the wide masses especially visually impaired persons and deaf with covid -19 messages.

Momba has said that instruments used by people with visual impairment are expensive a situation that makes people with disabilities to adequately not access covid-19 massages.

“some equipmentused by visually impaired persons are most expensive and people with disabilities especially those from rural areas can not afford to buy them,” she said.

Momba also observed that failure to provide necessary equipment to people with disabilities is a violation of a right to access to information.

“people with disabilities have got a right to receive any information because disability is not inability,” said Momba.

Momba said that this year, the main event is scheduled to take place in the first week of December in Machinga district.

VIHEMA is celebrating disability month under the theme ‘building back better towards disability,inclusive accessibility and sustainable posts of covid-19 world.

According to the ministry of heathy, Malawi has registered two new cases of covid-19 as of November 17,2020.

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