Social media users were left with no words after an Australian model posed naked on top of an elephant during a photoshoot.

Inspired by her Australia travels, Jessica Rast organized a naked photoshoot on top of an elephant.

“The photo was taken very calmly – there were animal protectors to help me make the click,” She explained.

When she posted the photo on  social media, it went viral and animal welfare organisations like the Humane Society of the US and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums condemned her for it.

Despite this, Jessica defended the move and described the photoshoot as “art”.

On Instagram, the Canadian model wrote: “Just being a forest fairy. We are natural. This is natural. Do you find this artistic of offensive? To me, everything (and everyone) is art.”

Even though elephant riding is condemned by many animal charities, the model’s post still garnered thousands of likes.

While some slammed her, many also defended the model in the comments section.

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