NIGERIA – A young man who goes by the nickname: “Email”, was shot dead by his girlfriend while trying to test the efficacy of anti-gunshots charms.

Reports indicate that the boy was a seller of  Indian hemp and was with a group of his friends at the time of the incident Wednesday in a compound where he resides at Calabar South.

According to the younger brother to the girl, name withheld, said her sister, blessing by name was a friend to deceased “email” and at about on the fateful day, the sister passed by the compound of the late boyfriend at the time he, the deceased was with his group of friends and they had taken local concoctions including native charms against guns and bullet shots.

They group of friends after taking the concoctions started testing the efficacy of the anti-gunshots charms among themselves.

Others tested and it proved effective but the deceased young man chose to ask the girlfriend to use the gun and shoot at him to test the efficacy of the charm on him.

Unfortunately, the gun shot from the girl penetrated and he slumped and died instantly and there was pandemonium.

People in the multi-residents compound gathered. Some among the group of friends to the deceased took anger against the girl and descended on her with machetes and other rough weapons that left her in big cuts and bruises on her body before the Police were called in.

The Police carried the body of the deceased and they took his sister to the Police Clinic in Calabar where she is currently receiving treatment.

Girlfriend shoots lover dead while testing local charm


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