The Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate’s Court has handed out fines to 48 people ranging from K5, 000 to K10, 000 for failing to wear face maskt in public places.

The 48 were fined on Friday before Senior Resident Magistrate Shyreen Chirwa.

A team of four prosecutors told the court that the convicts were arrested between January 18 and 21 in Area 3, Chigwirizano, Area 36, Falls and Malangalanga.

They were found loitering without putting on masks.

Police arrested and charged them with contravening coronavirus and Covid-19 regulations, which is contrary to Section 20 Sub Section 3 of the Malawi Public Health Act.

During their trial, the accused pleaded guilty.

The prosecution team asked the court to mete out harsh penalties to the accused persons.

The state argued that the accused were a risk to the society since they could likely spread or contract coronavirus as they were walking around without face masks on.

In her determination, Magistrate Chirwa said it is unfortunate that the accused disregarded preventive measures that were also meant to protect themselves.

She said government is losing a lot of money to fight Covid-19 pandemic and that the accused could have helped in the fight.

Chirwa went on to slap the convicts with the fines ranging from K5, 000 to K10 000.

The convicts, whose ages are between 18 and 56, have since paid the fines.

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