Mexican Residents Tie Mayor To Tree After He Failed To Fulfill His Campaign Promise


Lying and stealing is nothing new for politicians, and the best thing people can hope for is to vote them out of power come election day.

But these angry southern Mexican residents took it farther by deciding to punish their mayor in a very special way – they tied him to a tree.

Mayor Óscar Ramírez was presenting his new public projects for the people of Frontera Comalapa in the state of Chiapas. Water system improvements were a key part of his campaign promises.

In a get-together with the city’s communities, the mayor was asked about the bad state of the water system after he unveiled a new water tank. People found that the tank was broken and had holes that were simply patched up with cement.


One community leader even went inside the tank and scraped the surface to prove that it was covered in cement to keep the water from flowing out.

One resident said:

“He promised us that it would be a decent work for the people of Comalapa, but it was all a sham because the water system does not work well.”

“It is a long-standing problem that must be dealt with properly and that must be a priority in this [term], because he came to see us at our houses with that promise and now he does not want to comply.”

Image: Twitter

According to reports the neighborhoods in Frontera Comapala, which is situated near the Guatemalan border, were left without water for a whole week.

The locals forced the mayor to go up to a tree to which they tied him to.

They took photos of him in this state.

However, Ramírez said that he was never tied to a tree despite the evidence proving the contrary. He tried to downplay the incident in a video he posted.

“They did not tie me down. The meeting was with eleven representatives of neighborhoods of the municipal seat of Comalapa to agree on details of a high-impact work, the introduction of drinking water,” he said.

Note: The video below is in Spanish.

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