The Malawi Police service (MPS) has said it will discipline one of its officers who was caught drunk while on duty few days ago.

The development follows a video clip which has gone viral on the social media showing a police office drunk. The officer has been identified as Sub-Inspector Maxwell Muhana, based at Zomba Police Station.

MPS National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed of the development in an interview with the press.

“The police officer falls short of professional standards expected of a law enforcer. Drinking whilst on duty and in police uniform is a disciplinary offence.The measures (to be taken against him) will likely deter other officers from repeating the same misconduct,” said Kadadzera.

Few years ago a certain police officer from Chileka was fired after sending nude pictures of herself to one of the police top official.

But the nude pictures landed into the hands of the wife of the said police officer who later on leaked it, leading to her firing.

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