Woman Marries Herself After Breaking Up With Boyfriend 4 Months To Their Wedding


A 35-year-old has married herself in an intimate ceremony in front of family and friends after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend 4 months to dream marriage.

The Life and business coach Meg Taylor Morrison, Atlanta, Georgia had always wanted to get married on Halloween 2020, but after she split from her partner just four months before the date, her dreams of tying the knot on all Hallow’s Eve were dashed.

She learned about self-marriage ceremonies and decided that she didn’t want to wait for the perfect partner to come along before hosting her perfect wedding ceremony.

According to reports, Meg her own wedding for months as she ordered a custom-made wedding cake, chose the perfect dress and picking a glistening diamond ring.

The 35-year-old woman admitted that she wasn’t always completely comfortable planning a wedding for one and wondered if her family and friends would view her action as narcissistic or compensating for not having a husband.

The ceremony was attended by ten of Meg’s closest friends and family in an Aitbnb in Boulder,Colorado with guests adhering to strict covid-19 protocols.

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“I wanted to marry myself as an act of self-love.I’d get married on Halloween 2020 but instead I went through a very loving break up shortly before in June”  Meg disclosed.

‘I’d heard about self-marriage ceremonies before and I thought, I dont need someone else to have this wedding.

‘I was excited to plan my wedding but also nervous at first about what people might think.

‘Was it selfish to have an entire non-birthday celebration dedicated to just me? Could I get myself a ring? Would people think I was compensating for not being married?

‘My mom, who is my biggest supporter, was uncomfortable with it at first. She thought it might be seen as ego-centric and wanted me to be careful of how it came across to others. I told her that if others get triggered by it, it’s okay.

‘Part of marrying myself was about going beyond people pleasing or trying to look a certain way. It was about saying yes to my own desires.

‘For the wedding day itself, I got my hair done and bought a fancy cake that I’d always wanted, my dress, beautiful Swarovski earrings and my wedding ring. It all cost about one-thousand-pounds overall.

‘The dress code for the event was whatever made people feel the most like themselves.

‘It was the most wonderful experience. Before the ceremony, I sat down with my officiate Sara who interviewed me about what it meant to me to be marrying myself.

‘I then welcomed everyone and handed them bubble wands and tambourines.

‘One of my best friends Peter walked me down the aisle while my guests blew bubbles and hummed Here Comes the Bride.” she added.

‘I said my vows and couldn’t help but cry throughout them.

‘I cut the cake and every person at the wedding fed it to me in whatever way they wanted. We then had an evening of dancing and ordered in some food.

‘My friends were so wonderful. They brought me wedding gifts, treated the time as sacred and special and said beautiful words.’

Meg would recommend self-marriage to anyone and says that one of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be single or recently heartbroken to get married to yourself. For her, it is an outward expression of self-love and a commitment to take care of herself.

‘I wear my ring every day and it reminds me to listen to my intuition and make decisions that align with my values,’ Megan said.

‘It also acts as a reminder that loving myself first is the basis for healthy relationships with others, whether it’s my next romantic partner or my relationships with my family members.

‘I’ve heard it said that a wedding is about ritual and having people witness you so they can remind you of your commitment later on.

‘I see this as the same thing. Whenever I’m being hard on or doubting myself, I believe my friends who attended will remind me of my vows for next-level self-love.

‘I wasn’t trying to compensate for anything, fill a void or heal through this ceremony.

‘I would have married myself even if I was still in a relationship.’ She also said.

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