Timothy Mtambo has insisted that his ministry is doing very possible to ensure that the rural masses have been sensitized on the global pandemic Coronavirus and the impending vaccine.

This follows social media’s accusations that the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Education headed by Mtambo is failing to sensitize the masses on Coronavirus.

It I believed that most people in the rural areas are not following Covid-19 preventive measures such as wearing of face masks and practicing social distance.

There is also a myth that has been planted in the minds of those in rural areas that Covid-19 s the disease for the rich people.

With this regard, people on social media concluded that the perception carried by the rural masses is the failure of Civic Education ministry to feed the rural masses with the right information.

Critics further accuse the Ministry of staying idle when the corporate world is providing huge sums of money for Covid 19 response.

But the Minister Responsible Mtambo argued that his team is conducting various awareness initiatives on the pandemic.

So far confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country are almost 30, 000 with over 800 casualties.

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