Police in Chileka have said that the man who has been severely beaten in Lunzu for trying to sleep with a married woman is still alive rebuffing social media rumors that he has died.

Chileka police Publicist, Peter Mchiza confirmed this as he added that the case has not been officially reported to police.

“The case has not officially been reported to us, but as police our investigators are aware of the incident that is why am saying he is alive,” Said Mchiza.

A video went viral on social media showing two individuals punching the said wife snatcher heavily.

The skirt chaser was seen pleading for forgiveness from the owner of the wife but that prompted more blows from the husband.

He was later released and given his phones and car keys back.

Blood was seen flowing on his clothes before he drove off the scene.

Later social media was awash with news that the Libido Man has died.

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