I have a question for your reading this article, the sweetness and the goodness of life is it all about neither the journey nor the destination of life? As you try to answer that here is my story on how I managed to move to greater heights despite my humble background that I can say no one would have thought I would be the one whom aim today, I deed life is a journey would describe it from grass to grace.

I came from a very humble background going to school while I was young was another type of a nightmare to both mum and my dad, they could not raise my school fees and at the same time feed my two other young siblings who were still young in age, when I was in standard six I had to leave home and move to Kisumu an urban city in western Kenya to try out and look for my family despite the fact that I was an underage, I was employed in a company as a casual laborer, after some two years of savings I decided it was enough and I had to go back to school, luckily I met a man who listened to me, and took care of me in his children home, I thank him so much because I managed to finish school at the age of 23years and given a go ahead to look for a better future, in the outside world.

I moved to the Kenyan capital Nairobi, to try and look for greener pastures, I had graduated from Masinde Muliro University in kaka mega with a bachelor’s degree in Business management, to my thinking while I was still in school was that upon completion of school I would land myself a good job that would help me improve my life, little did I know it required a struggle, when I got to the city things were not easy as I expected them to be.

I ended up doing hard casual jobs, from time to time I would be toiling at various construction sites just to get little cash for myself that was not enough to cater for my needs fully, from time to time I would move with my academic papers from place to place into various offices but I never landed a job, Life became so harder to a point that it was extremely difficult to get what to it, I couldn’t pay my monthly rental of Kenyan shillings two thousand [2000] so I ended up on the streets, most time I could sleep on the streets, with nowhere to go my friends had betrayed
me, no one wanted to stay with me, life had just gotten into a mess. One day as I was loitering on the streets of Nairobi I came across a poster that belonged to kiwanga doctors, upon a close checkup I found out that they had advertised a ring that they said it was powerful to change life of an individual, I had totally lost hope in life, I decided to give it a last chance through the advertised ring, with little hesitance I took the number called in and booked an appointment the following morning I met doctor kiwanga and explained all my life journey and my inability not to secure a job even though I had achieved higher learning, the doctor promised of a good outcome, he informed me that I was being derailed by curses from my lineage, he cleansed me and gave a ring to me and informed me to have it on my finger always has, in three days’ time I embarked on a job hunt, in one day I secured 20 vacancies and informed I was the rightful owner, I’m now a manager at one of the largest safaricom outlets in the city, I also own good amount of money in my bank account plus successful businesses within the city. Thanks to the powerful ring that I was given by kiwanga doctors, they also cast real and genuine spells like Money spell, Black magic spell, White magic spell and many others; on the other hand they heal
and treat diseases like Pneumonia, Meningitis among other infections.

For consultations Call/WhatsApp +254 769404965 / E-mail or visit the website

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Robert Ngwira
Attended Our Future Private Secondary School in Rumphi from 2006-2009 Holder of Diploma in Journalism from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Hobbies, reading newspapers, going out with friends, listening to radio and watching football. Email:

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