What do you get a man who has everything? Why, whiskey-infused luxury toothpicks, of course!

With so many things just one click away nowadays, it’s hard to surprise people with truly original gifts, but every once in a while you stumble across something special. For example, I was surfing the web yesterday, as I usually do, when something caught my eye. The words ‘whiskey’ and ‘toothpicks’ rarely go together in a sentence, but here they were in the name of a product I never imagined existed – whiskey-infused toothpicks.

Hand-made from northern white birch, Daneson flavored toothpicks come in a variety of flavors, from cinnamon to mint, but the most intriguing by far are the single-malt and bourbon-flavored ones. If you like your spirits, you can’t tell me the idea of wooden toothpicks soaked in delicious whiskey doesn’t get sound the least bit interesting.

Each Daneson toothpick is made from veneer quality A-Grade wood milled from northern white birch, and soaked in barrel-aged Islay single malt or bourbon flavor. The thin sticks are then kiln-dried to infuse the distinctive flavor throughout the pick.

So how do these whiskey-infused toothpicks taste? Well, as far as I can tell, the general feedback from customers is positive, although there are a few negative reviews out there.

“I usually use these toothpicks on weekends. They are good way to pass the boredom on a long drive or when ‘chillaxing’ on the balcony on a nice weather day. These toothpicks have the right balance of sturdiness and softness,” one satisfied customer wrote. “They are similar to chewing gum and bubble gum in that the flavor is definitely noticeable at first, but they do eventually lose their flavor. Thirty to sixty minutes is about as long as I use one. Then, it is time to try a new flavor!”

“I love these toothpicks, as little bit of luxury these are well worth it,” another positive review reads.

However, not everyone agrees. Although the general consensus seems to be that the toothpicks taste nice and area a treat to use, some apparently consider them a waste of money.

“This is a waste of money. Grocery store tooth picks have more flavor. So sorry I spent this money on a box if vials. Seemed like such a great stocking stuffer. Maybe I am supposed to soak them in bourbon myself,” a dissatisfied customer commented.

On the official Daneson website, the flavored toothpicks sell from $28 for a two-vial pack, to $100 for the jumbo sized gift box (24 vials). Are they worth the price? Well, I guess it all depends on how rich you are, how much you like sucking on wooden toothpicks, and whether you’re a whiskey person.

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