By Robert Kumwenda

Supplies Direct Limited (SDL) is highly innovative, newly established, general supplies dealer and procurement specialist which was initiated on the first of February, 2021.

According to Mohammed Malida, the Managing Director of the company, they intend to have a contrasting, systematic approach in their field, offering their clientele an effortless method of obtaining their required products or services by using their qualified global specialists, global connections and extensive range of products on-ground.

“Our recent developments significantly impact on how Malawian companies and individuals are able to procure goods through us, as they are able to be welcomed with fast-track, outstanding service, inexpensive, competitive prices and all –round effortless, admirable experience dealing with us,” he said.

He said Suppliers Direct Ltd had initially seen a huge opening in the Malawian market and they believe it is being exploited.

“It is so often that Malawian companies or individuals look to procure specialist items or products that are not available in Malawi or are short in supply. The market prices in the country are not established which allows companies or individuals supplying these to exploit the unfortunate circumstance,” he said.

Mohammed said their experience in procuring on behalf of local requirements they receive has instead proven to be advantageous to the companies they work upon supplying as their clientele benefit from the prices and standards they deliver.

He said despite the current market circumstance their morals and incredible procurement service stand strong towards their clientele, who trust in them and acknowledge the fact that, will not take advantage of them that is what they do differently.

“We plan to have different approach and instead assist in resolving this matter rather than exploiting it. Why do you ask us? It is due to the companies’ moral beliefs on what we based on and CSR to which we owe our fellow Malawians citizens. We believe a good corporate social responsibility would later reward us with loyal clientele and exemplary employees providing great service,” he said.

He said they have put in place a specialist procurement team working within your time frame , partnered with Malida Enterprizes which has over 50 years of experience of importing and supplying various items in arranging an extensive range of products.

The Managing Director of Suppliers Direct added that if the required items are not available in their inventory, their specialist teams are working tirelessly to procure and supply your required item within any required timeframe awarding you with easy-access to your product or service at the most affordable

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