Minister of Education Agnes Nyalonje has hinted that her ministry will form a special committee to investigate reports on poor performance of students in public schools. She said the committee will be formed soon.

The committee will look into how the education standards can be improved in the country.

Nyalonje also said that the committee will also review the form one selection which is currently  being questioned by many .she further said her ministry will work  hard to ensure that the selection policies and processes gain the trust and confidence of all stakeholders

In January this year, the   ministry stated that ombudsman’s Office would launch an independent investigation following concerns surrounding the selection process of the PSLCE examination.

Nyalonje pleaded that the ministry will promote evidence informed policy and decision making ,strengthen school and teacher training college governance and management through  establishment of local boards and enhance teacher welfare and development  among  contribution to the country’s development.

She concluded that each and every MP should take an interest in the education of the girl child and ensure that children go to school.



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