Commotion between two rival camps of Quadria Muslims worshipers at Chimbuna in Kasungu district has on Sunday left three houses demolished.

This follows the call of removal of Sheik Ibrahim Mponda by one function alleging that he is a dictator while the other camp is siding with the sheik accusing their rival camp of failing to adhere to the message the clerk is preaching.

On Sunday, the camp propelling the removal of the Sheik reportedly stormed the mosque premises destroying the Sheik’s house forcing him out.

Responding to the incident, the group siding with the Sheik set ablaze two houses belonging to one of the members of the rival group.

Sheik Ibrahim Mponda confirmed that he was earlier ordered to vacate the mosque by the 10th of March but the Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (Qmam) told him to stay.

Mponda accuses his opponents of being resistant to adhere to his Islamic teachings.

A letter making rounds signed by Haj Chitenje who leads the camp against the sheik accuses Mponda of being a dictator and a failure to develop the mosque premises for 18 years he has been in charge.

However, no arrests have been made following the incident as the police are yet to comment.

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