President Lazarus Chakwera has come under fire for failing to announce the new cabinet he has been advertising for over a month as he said he needs more time to finalize the assessment.

On February 19, the State House Malawi uploaded a picture on its official in which president Chakwera and his vice Saulos Chilima were assessing the performance of the current ministers adding that by end March new cabinet will be released.

On Monday, during weekly press briefing, presidential spokesperson Brian Banda said the restructured cabinet will be out on Wednesday as the president and his vice Saulos Chilima concluded assessing performance of the current Ministers.

However, last night as Malawians were waiting for the announcement of new cabinet, Banda said the announcement will take a little longer than anticipated.

“Given that the reports are as substantial as the President’s review is thorough, the completion of the task will take a few more days longer than anticipated.

“Even so, the President is now fully seized of the matter and will release his Cabinet the instant he completes this sacred duty in a manner that conforms to the Constitution,” reads the statement in part.

According to Chakwera, he is yet to review an assessment report from his vice Chilima in which has sparked debate as people are accusing him (Chakwera) of transferring the blame to Chilima.

Chilima is well known of keeping time hence people’s resistance with Chakwera’s sentiments that his vice brought his report late.

“Saulos Chilima, my friend, has never let us down. He is always on time and I mean always on time.  To lie that he had delayed on assessment is criminal.  He is always ahead of time. That’s how committed he is on serving the Republic,” Noel Lipipa Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament said.

While Social commentator Idris Ali Nassa said; “If it were Peter Mutharika, we would have slaughtered him and characterized his leadership as clueless, and him as a fumbling old man with no clue of what he is doing, or supposed to do,”

“But these are our favorites, so we will quickly give them the benefit of doubt and believe that they are, indeed, fully seized of the matter of reviewing a cabinet that they on their own, in their own words promised would be reconstituted in December, 2020.”

One Facebook masquerading as Orama Namalomba stressed that in leadership management keeping time is one of the quality and sets a good example.

“In leadership and management, a manager or leader must never fail to meet his own set timelines it sets a bad example,” Said Namalomba.

Lusungu Geoffrey Mwaungulu mimicked Chakwera’s speech at the funeral of late Tanzanian president Magufuli saying when Malawians waited for the promised reshuffle, they did not see the press statement communicating the postponed reshuffle coming.

Meanwhile, the president will be host the country National Football team a development which has also attracted different reactions as people are calling on the president to focus on one thing.

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