Kasungu District Council has advised Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in the district to always give progress reports and implement their projects in line with the District Development Plan (DDP).

During an integration meeting between the two sides, on Tuesday, Director of Planning and Development (DPD), Annie Zimba pointed out that organizations should make good use of thematic groups which were created for easy consolidation and submission of reports to the district council.

“We get assessed as District Councils basing on our performance reports and our reports are always underrated and that is why we are asking all partners to bring their work to light by submitting progress reports. We will be consolidating all reports and come up with a recommendable strong work plans and reports as a Council.”Zimba said.

The DPD said failure to comply with the arrangement weakens the progress reports of the district since few work is being reflected when there is a lot of work happening on the ground.

District Service Centre officer for NGO Board of Malawi, Melida Moyo said it was good for an NGO to work hand in hand with government to avoid repetition of projects since reports assist to determine whether the project being implemented was effective and suitable to the targeted beneficiaries after being appraised by the council.

“We always respect the power of team work because that is where our strength and weaknesses are displayed,” she said.

The Council with support from Malawi Local Government Accountability and Performance (LGAP) called the meeting to waken up NGOs who were not doing as expected by the council and Kasungu District Council has 42 NGOs.

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