President Lazarus Chakwera has fired Minister of Labor Ken Kandodo for being mentioned in the Auditor Generals Covid-19 investigative report.

The report alleges that Kandodo used over K600, 000 from the infamous K6.2 billion of Covid-19 funds on a foreign trip unrelated to its intended purpose which is the fight against the global pandemic Coronavirus.

After the release of the report, Kandodo moved in very fast announcing that he had re-paid the money he allegedly borrowed from the treasury to use on a presidential trip to South Africa.

Lazarus Chakwera; Goes hard on Covid-19

Chakwera dropped the bomb last night during his address to the nation.

According to Chakwera, despite that the minister has refunded the same money, his administration will not entertain public officers who condone acts of corruption hence to drop Kandodo from his cabinet.

Chakwera further assured Malawians that as a leader who believes in Transparency and Accountability he is ready to deal with everyone involved in the mismanagement of 6.2 COVID-19 funds regardless of position or tribe.

The president has since directed that public officers on whose watch the funds were mishandled be interdicted without pay.

Meanwhile, the fired minister is yet to comment on the transpired events.

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