Namadingo asks for prayers as he goes into global trend


By Chisomo Phiri

One of the county’s Music heroes, Patience Namadingo popularly known as Dr. Namadingo has asked Malawians to pray for him as he prepares himself to become one of the world’s music icons from the warm heart of Africa, saying it comes with a lot of wrong and right turns.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Namadingo stressed that it is not easy to be on top position of the world’s contest as it requires focus and determination.

“It is not easy to be on top. It requires a lot of focus and determination. It requires discipline of the highest level there is. It demands more than one gave yesterday. Though bitter, it calls for golden silence and acceptance for all the things you cannot change. Many people get tired or simply accept the standard set by those who came before them. They settle for that. It is called the choice of happiness and contentment of life.

“The others ignore the happiness and aim for greatness, making it impossible to have both greatness and happiness. Going back to work on perfection like it is our first time to do so. Ignoring the normal life of all your peers. Willing to give and apply more of yourself to whatever it is that you are required to work on”, reads the post.

Namadingo further said it is not true to say that he is always perfect in music industry and never get tired nor feel the need to stop working. He said sometimes he think of stop pushing in his music career but the support that he gets from his Namartist fans keep him pushing.

“Sacrifice are made. Less or no time at all to just have days that have nothing going related to your work. It will be a lie if I say I do not get tired nor feel the need to stop working. I have felt the need to stop climbing. Stop thinking. Stop all this and just go back home satisfied that I came this than those before me. Go home and watch a movie eat and sleep and not think and worry about my job. Not wanting to beat another record, to master the art and put me in the hall of fame. But every day I read comment from NAMAFANS it makes me go ahead and work more. I read good feedback that make me smile and realize I did something right. I also read opposite that that make me see beyond and work extra hard to iron the wrinkle out. I also read from others who don’t wish me well and it all requires discipline to not get emotional and unprofessional” he said.

Knowing this difficult to win a global trend, he said there is a need for Malawians to pray for him as what he do is more than just being a musician in Malawi rather prepares him to be a global icon.

He added” I ask you to pray for me. This is just more than being a musician in Malawi. This is making of a global icon. It comes with a lot of wrong and right turns. It also requires an installation of unwavering commitment to the calling of being the best of your league. So I ask you to pray for me. I am the chosen. I feel it in my bones and I will deliver the results like we have never them before in our land. The amount of work and sacrifice I’ll have to go through is way too big that I ask you to pray for me. Without prayers I see myself weak for the task ahead.

A million thanks and blessings to Rihanna Rice No one ever understood and supported the dream more than Rihanna Rice”.

It is indeed undisputed facts that Namadingo deserves one of the Malawi’s global icons as it is evidenced by his recent songs in international languages, one in Shona and the other one in Portuguese.

In his promise, Namadingo announced that every month this year he will be realizing songs in various international languages so as to keep pleasing his followers and get recognized internationally.

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