By Robert Kumwenda

The future of Malawi’s green gold Tobacco looks very bleak as the volumes of kilogrammes produced continues to down annually,

This year the country has produced 124 million kilogrammes of Tobacco against 133 kilogrammes demanded by the buyers.

During the opening of this year tobacco market at Kanengo Auction Floors state President Dr Lazarus Chakwera urged farmers to look for other alternatives as the anti-smoking campaigns continues to grow.

Concurring with Chakwera Minister of Agriculture Robin Lhowe during the opening of Limbe market said that they are revamping the industry to bring back crops that were forgotten like cotton and banana.

This also evidenced is the dwindling of tobacco volumes at Limbe Market over the years which is a clear indication that farmers are losing trust because of the difficulties which they are facing in the industry.

According to the minister the tobacco act is yet to be send to parliament to change some of the laws.

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