Malawi’s gospel musician Wendy Harawa has collaborated with Kenyani popular artist Guardian Angel to release an audio and video track as her bold step towards broadening her horizon in the gospel music ministry.

The track ‘Akuona’ is the project’s main stay which Wendy says is mainly about winning souls spreading the gospel blessing and giving hope to people worldwide.

Halawa said that  it’s all about breaking boundaries the Bible says l will give you nations, it did not say l will give you Malawi or l will give you Kenya, Zambia or Tanzania.

‘’We are all on one mission with these gospel artist that lam working with and it’s been wonderful working with them and together we are going to break boundaries and minister to many souls,’’ she said.

Wendy also cited that this is the first release from the multi-national project that she is working on as she is about to collaborate with accomplished gospel musicians from across Africa.

Meanwhile after Kenya collaboration Wendy heads to South Africa then Congo Zimbabwe, Uganda, and will end up in West Africa.

Besides Guardian Angel the 2019 Maranatha Global Music award winner has also recorded a track with Zambia’s Kings Mumbi , slated to be  coming out in the a couple of weeks.

However these tracks from collaborations will make the list of her second yet to be titled gospel album. Wendy’s nine track debut gospel album titled ‘ Mundisunge Ndinu’ released in 2019 has not done well on the market despite featuring Nigerian Jimmy D Psalmist and her longtime local music collaborator Lulu.

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