The outgoing Ombudsperson Martha Chizuma has said she is hopeful that her successor will focus on achieving justice for all.

Chizuma said this to the media as she is leaving the Ombudsman office to head the Anti-Corruption Bureau after she was confirmed by the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament on Monday this week.

During her stay at the Ombudsman office, Chizuma was applauded by a lot of Malawians due to her fierce way of handling and investigating various rights abuses and maladministration.

Some of the reports she released after investigations include a report on alleged medical malpractices resulting into the removal of uteruses from expectant women and most recently a report on illegal recruitment at the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority.

Chizuma has indicated that she is hopeful that the next Ombudsman would have a personality beyond a normal public servant, with a heart of getting things done.

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