A harrowing incident has played out in the Kwazulu Natal in South Africa after a British student – learning the ropes to become a game ranger – was attacked ferociously by a rhino.

The destructive force of nature has left the trainee in a critical condition, and as of Thursday morning, his life hangs in the balance, local publication The South Africa reports.

Details are emerging of the incident, which reveal that the black rhino became aware of the youngster’s presence and gave chase to him. The student ran into the bushes to hide, but couldn’t escape the horned beast. He was gored, trampled, and left bloodied and unconscious after the violent altercation.

It’s understood the Scot was on foot during a training exercise, when tragedy struck. Surgeons are still battling to save the victim, but one source tells us it is ‘touch and go’ for the meantime. Black rhinos can be much more aggressive and territorial than many other species, and there’s a higher likelihood that they will attack humans.

IPSS Medical Rescue were the first responders at the scene, and they were greeted by a bloodbath upon arrival. However, they were able to get the British student to a nearby hospital thanks to their rapid reactions, and the severely injured learner now has a fighting chance of survival.

A statement from the medical team reads: “A Scottish student has been critically injured following an encounter with a black rhino, in Northern Zululand. The IPSS Medical Rescue team was contacted and informed that the game ranger student had been on foot in a private reserve when he was trampled and gored by the rhino.”

“The incident occurred on Wednesday and prompted a search and rescue operation by IPSS Search and Rescue as well as anti-poaching units in the area. The student was located and preparations for evacuation were initiated. The student was stabilized before being transported in a critical condition by road, by KZN Private EMS.”

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