A 14 year old Standard 4 learner at Makota Primary School in Dedza has died in an attempt to terminate her 5 month-old pregnancy.

Deputy Police publicist for Dedza Cassim Manda confirmed of the development and identified the girl  Yamikani Sikiyo.

She was in Standard 4 at Makota Primary School.

Manda says the teenage girl was impregnated by her 16 year old boyfriend.

Meanwhile, deputy police publicist in the district Cassim Manda says investigations are underway to establish if poison was used in the process.

The incident comes just days after a 17 year old girl in Ndirande township kill committed suicide as she was making arrangements to abort.

In Malawi, over half of the women who have never been to school became pregnant in their teens, compared to 32% of those with primary education, and 19% of those with secondary education, according to the Demographic and Health Survey of 2016.

Both teenage pregnancy and school dropout often have similar root causes including early sexual debut, poverty, school performance, overage-for-grade, family circumstances and community norms and attitudes to girls’ education.

Further, according to the Malawi National Statistic Office, Demographic and Health Survey of 2016, between 2010 and 2016, the rate of pregnancy among teenage girls in Malawi increased from 25% to 29%.

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