Police in Mangochi have impounded 16 motorcycles for operating on the road illegally.

Mangochi Police Deputy Spokesperson Amina Tepani Daudi said men in uniform mounted an intensive traffic check on Bakili Muluzi Highway and managed to apprehend 16 motorcycles for violating Road Traffic Act.

“Among the impounded are uninsured motorcycles, unregistered motorcycles, driving without licence and crush helmets among others,” said Daudi.

The Mangochi Deputy Police spokesperson further disclosed that since the inception of 2021 Mangochi registered 36 road accidents and four motorcyclists lost their lives.

Apparently, the exercise has started bearing fruits as the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services has registered 25 motorcycles.

“The owners of the impounded motorcycles will appear before court to answer charges,” she said.

Mangochi Police Station has vowed to continue conducting the exercise until road users in the district start appreciating the importance of following traffic regulations.

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