High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda is today June 2, expected to deliver his ruling in a case involving four Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners.

The four are Linda Kunje, Jean Mathanga Steve Duwa, and Arthur Nathuru.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) sought the court’s guidance over the appointment of the four into the commission by former President Peter Mutharika, arguing the whole quartet represented the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The MCP further argued that each political party is only allowed to have 2 representatives in the commission, hence questioning the appointment of the four.

Out of the four, the public and the MCP also questioned the reappointment of Kunje, Mathanga, and Nathuru as they were part of a commission that was rendered incompetent in its handling of the disputed 2019 presidential election.

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