A Delta flight passenger who was flying from LA to Nashville reportedly tried to force his way into the cockpit and hijack the plane.

Last Friday, Delta Flight 386 crew tackled and tied up the attacker before he could harm anyone, according to a report.

Mobile phone footage shows a man in a Delta uniform physically engaging with another man who is out of sight.

Another angle then shows he was able to tie up the attacker’s hands behind his back.

FLIGHT ATTENDENTS, I RESPACT Y’ALL,” the caption on the now-viral video reads.

Another person tweeted an image of the Delta employee, saying:

“This man needs an award. Just saved the plane.”

The man was taken into custody after the plane took a diversion and landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The suspect was later turned in to the FBI, authorities said.


FBI Albuquerque said there the man is of no threat to the public.

The flight later took off and completed its course to Nashville.

Twitter user ArtHeauxB responded to the original post with a shocking video of a Spirit flight, showing the apparent difference in extreme situation handling…


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