KCH Admits More Covid-19 cases In its Isolation Centre


Reports have indicated that Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) is now admitting more Covid-19 cases in its isolation centre, a thing which has made the hospital to move other patients to the eye department.
Our source says the isolation centre was almost overwhelmed over the weekend.
They say there were almost 29 people in the overflow and 19 more in the main isolation centre.
Currently, the hospital has about 22 patients in the overflow and 15 in the main isolation centre.
 Kamuzu Central Hospital Director, Jonathan Ngoma has confirmed the development.
 Ngoma said that the hospital is not overwhelmed parse but rather they planned to create more space within the facility.
He says during the second wave, they were taken unawares but this time around they planned accordingly.
Ngoma says they planned to have about 100 beds within the eye department and skin department for Covid-19 patients.
He says they created the space so that they should not go back to Bingu isolation centre.
As of now, the hospital has about 22 beds in the isolation centre and 40 beds in the eye department.
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