Malawi’s Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has expressed worry over the tendency of coming late to the hospital seeking Coronavirus treatment which is on the pick in the country.

Kandodo Chiponda expressed the worry in a statement of daily update on Coronavirus of yesterday which has shown that a lot of people are continuing dying from the virus.

Yesterday alone 21 people succumbed to the virus with over 900 new infections recorded.

According to Kandodo Chiponda, the country is continuing losing productive people to the disease “and it has been observed that many people are coming very late to our treatment units and this is leading to poor treatment outcomes.”

Kandodo Chiponda has however blamed the act of self-medication that is happening without medical consultation.

The health minister added that people are using social media as a source of information to find cure for the virus.

Kandodo Chiponda has therefore urged people to rush to the hospital in the early stages of symptom development for assessment to determine the severity of the disease and course of management.

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