John Cena recently posted a photo of a 24-year-old bodybuilder who’s currently trending on social media as “Black John Cena.”

South Africans quickly gave him a name and called him Jabulani Cena.

His real name is Brendan Cobbina.

It all started when Cobbina posted a photo of himself on his Twitter handle.

The post quickly garnered major attention, with many comparing his looks to that of Cena.

His picture has given birth to tons of memes and jokes on social media over the past few days.

John Cena noticed the same and posted Cobbina’s picture on his official Instagram handle. Check out the photo below:

The picture soon started getting attention as people began comparing his looks to that of Cena.

Apparently, memes and jokes started to flood social media, and the post also grabbed the attention of John Cena himself, who posted the same picture on his official Instagram handle.

With this sudden attention, Cobbina has become an overnight sensation on Social Media, garnering more than 65,400 likes on Twitter as of now.

The post is bound to get more attention after Cena posting the same image on his Instagram handle.

Following up on the original post, the 24-year-old wrote “John Cena come see this quickly. Gotta battle the allegations.”

Ever since Cena returned to WWE at Money In The Bank, the 16-time World Champion has been on a mission to take down Roman Reigns.

Cena first called out Reigns on Monday Night RAW before taunting the champion on SmackDown.

Initially Reigns resisted Cena’s challenge, instead of agreeing to take on former champion Finn Balor.

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