Keen to know a bit of political history between neighboring countries of Malawi and Zambia, below are some known facts so far…
1 Both got independence in 1964 led by Kamuzu Banda and Kenneth Kaunda respectively.
2 Muluzi and Chiluba were first democratic presidents. They finished 2 terms in Office.
3 Bingu and Mwanawasa died in Office due to Cardiac arrest. Their VP became Presidents. Ironically they were both Bandas ( Joyce Banda and Rupia Banda).
4 Later opposition DPP won in Malawi and opposition PF won in Zambia.
5 APM and ECL have both ruled for 6 years.
6 A Pastor is President in Malawi and a Master Guide is to become President in Zambia.
But why do the two countries have so much similarities in their political history? Or is it just a coincidence?
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