Unknown thugs on Tuesday attacked well-known comedian Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira who is also President of Vilekeke Kingdom in the capital Lilongwe.

Nya-uyu Ngwira confirmed of the robbery in a statement posted on her official facebook page seen by this publication.

According to Ngwira, the robbers went away with her cellphones.

“Dear citizens of the Republic of Vilekeke, yesterday I was attacked and got robbed. As a christian I forgive those two men that robbed Me and I pray that the day they get married they will never feel anything at the honeymoon no matter how their woman will try and if at all they are already married may they never enjoy their women untill they give their life to Christ. Shout amen somebody!!!!

“PS: I need very tight security eee people from Lilongwe Mulungu akukhululukireni ndipo ma phone anga mundipase mbava inu sons of Judas Iscariot!!!!,” wrote Ngwira.

She added: “In my room using a borrowed phone. Chalo ichi imweee…A whole queen with no phone. Where are my people?”

Meanwhile the case has been reported to police.

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