P-Square is an adorable talented set of twins who have entertained the World for over a decade. The duo officially called Peter and Paul Okoye hails from Nigeria. The duo has won themselves some respect, recognition, awards, endorsement deals, controversies and sadly- breakups.

Since 2010, the duo has sung and danced their way to the top. There is no way they have an impeccable talent in singing and dancing- something that Michael Jackson used to leave an indelible mark on the face of music in the entire universe.

That’s why in December 2011, the duo was able to sign a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label and in 2012, P-Square signed another record distribution deal with Universal Music Group.

From all indications, the duo was doing just fine in music.

However, in 2015 and 2016, there were rumours that the twins have disbanded. This was after they both had women in their lives. Their respective women eventually turned out to be their wives.

Peter Okoye, the manager of the duo was accused by Paul Okoye to be mishandling their financial fortunes and other matters. Because they couldn’t solve their differences, Paul moved out of the twins’ house with their families.

Now, this is where I have the challenge. When people marry, they become one with their spouses. They do everything together and most often share ideas.

From my personal experience, women play an instrumental role in bringing peace or dismay between brothers. Many virtuous women bring peace where there appears to be none.

They go all the length to bring laughter on the faces of the vexation spirits.

Look, Anita Okoye, Paul’s wife came into the picture before the duo had fights and finally disbanded. What role did she play in resolving their issue?

What did Anita and Peter’s wife- Lola decide to do collaboratively to bring some peace between the twins?

So far, there is nothing that we know they did to bring unity between young successful twins. Or, should we assume they practically engineered everything that is happening now? I am afraid if that is so then it is very damning.

In 2020, Lola extended some wishes to Paul Okoye, however, Paul refused the wishes and blasted the woman for being a hypocrite.

According to Paul, the woman played a role in their misfortunes and 4yrs down the line, she wants to wish him good on social media to create the impression that she is a good woman.

All these and many confirm my claims that the women in their lives didn’t play an impressive role in bringing them together.

I will ask you this: had the story is that, if the twins come together, both of the wives will have 70% share of their money, what would have happened? Would we have seen all this divorce from Anita Okoye and the irreconcilable split from the brothers?

It is hereby sad to say that: their wives played an invaluable role in their downfall for refusing to be the chief resolving catalyst between twins, besides, their mother is dead and their wives, in this situation, happens to be the only darlings they have.


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