Police in Lilongwe have arrested seven people who broke into Mkukula Magistrate’s Court offices and stole cash amounting to over MK1 million and five mobile phones.

The incident happened during the night of 21 to 22 August 2021.

It is alleged that the suspects gained entry into the court’s office using a loose door and stole the said cash and five mobile phones which were tendered as exhibits in some cases. Later, they scattered several items in the office.

One cellphone and fake currency which were stolen at the court has been recovered.

The seven were arrested on 24 August 2021 when they wanted to rob customers and the owner of Glalie Casino DBR opposite Bingu Stadium.

The suspects were found with six panga knives, 4 torches, a wheel spanner and a screwdriver.

The seven connived with  Owen Nkhwazi, 32, who is an employee at the Casino DBR.

Nkhwazi is also in police custody.

The suspects are identified as Allan Daukile, 38, Noel Vinyo, 37, Kephas Phiri, 24, Steven Banda,  39, Justin Louis (Bololo), 38, Steven Chisale, 36 and McDonald Spider, 45.

According to Sub Inspector, Joseph Kachikho, Publicist for Lilongwe Police Station, they will answer a charge of breaking into a building and committing a felony therein, which contravenes Section 311(a) of the Penal code.

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